The rocky habitat, the shrubby bush, and the garigue which characterized the territory are the perfect habitat for diminishing species. The Reserve is proud of the Eagle of Bonelli  that reproduces regularly by laying one or two eggs; the swift peregrine, the Greek partridge of Sicily that stands here permanently , the buzzard with white coffee wide wings, the kestrel, a dark brown small hawk, the barn owl, the tawny owl, the owlet close the outline of predators.

The circling of the seagulls
over the water surface, the blue titmouse among the bushes, the cute crest of the hoopoe, the song of the very small wren, that of the bunting and the river nightingale, that in spite of its name lives in the shrubby bush, are part of the over 40 permanent birds.

Closer encounters are those with the rabbit, the weasel, a small predator, the hedgehog, and at dusk the fox, and only in the night the porcupine, signing its presence with black and white aculeus everywhere. Among reptiles very common is the shining black and the elegant coluber, the  horned snake, and the shy viper.

But do not be afraid! they also fear us! In every season you can see the Sicilian lizard, a specific species of the island.

The minor fauna is easier to observe: grasshoppers, mantis, beetles, butterflies, the multicolored bumble-bees populate every part of the Reserve; among them there is the panfago, a green grasshopper 7-8 cm. long, unable to fly.
In the humid area lives the painted discoglossid, an amphibian similar to a frog, absent in the rest of Italy. It must also be signaled the eight species of bats, that during the day live in hollows, and a series of rodents, among them the oak rat and the field mouse of sages. It is a surprise to see them all of a sudden and this will cause strong emotions to both visitors and animals. At the entrance it is possible to buy an illustrated guide of the fauna of the Reserve.