Riserva Orientata Zingaro

Riserva Orientata Zingaro

Riserva Orientata Zingaro


The Zingaro has not got a coastal path, even if it was expected and eventually started in 1979.

To gain the suspension of the labours and the countermand of finance, from 1974 to 1981 many naturalistic associations protested all together, helped by a massive campaign of the media to awaken the public opinion, and the 18th of May 1989 together with almost three thousand people marched pacifically and symbolically gained possession of the territory.

Afterwards with the regional law 98/81, it was officially stated the NATURAL ORIENTED RESERVED “ZINGARO”, the first reserve in Sicily administrated by the Regional Enterprise State Forests.


Today the Reserve extends from the western part of the Gulf of Castellammare to San Vito lo Capo peninsula which is on the Tirreno sea between Castellammare del Golfo and Trapani. The territory is mostly in the municipality of San Vito lo Capo and in minor part in that of Castellammare.
Inside the Reserve there are the Naturalistic Museum, the Museum of the Marine Activities, the Museum of the Rural Civilization, where the complete cycle of the wheat is reproduced, and the Centre of the Environmental Education, also two equipped areas and some old rural houses as bivouac.

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